Clean Energy Wins - Powering Pennsylvania's 21st century economy

Enhancing Energy Independence and National Security

  • Maintaining a diverse energy portfolio is important to ensure energy prices remain affordable and energy sources are reliable.
  • Increasing our reliance on zero-fuel-cost energy resources that can be supplied from within the state, such as energy efficiency and renewable energy, enhances the security of our energy supply and protects Pennsylvanians from energy price volatility.
  •  Once built in-state, energy efficiency and renewable energy investments will provide energy savings and capacity in Pennsylvania throughout their useful lives. Other forms of energy resources from Pennsylvania, such as coal and natural gas, can be harvested in the state and exported for use in other areas.
  •  Here’s an examples: Wind manufacturing and supply chain companies have developed operations in the United States, enabling wind turbine cost reductions and increasing domestically-made content of the turbines from less than 25 percent in 2005 to over 67 percent today.[1]


                   American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Wind Manufacturing in Focus, 2012