Clean Energy Wins - Powering Pennsylvania's 21st century economy


Wind Energy

Wind energy is a cost-effective, clean, renewable energy resource well suited to Pennsylvania. As of December 2013, Pennsylvania is home to 25 wind projects (720 wind turbines) and 1,340 MW of installed wind capacity, enough to power 335,000 homes.[1]

Pennsylvania has the potential to build 3,307 MW of on-shore wind capacity.

As of December 2013, Pennsylvania ranked 15th in the nation in installed wind energy capacity and is ranked 30th in the nation with respect to wind energy resource potential.

Pennsylvania ranks 9th in the nation for number of wind-related jobs, with the wind industry supporting 3,000-4,000 Pennsylvania jobs in 2012.

According the American Wind Energy Association, the U.S. wind industry has over 550 manufacturing facilities across 44 states producing more than 8,000 components that comprise a typical wind turbine.

  • Products for the wind industry range from blade, tower and turbine nacelle assembly facilities to raw component suppliers including fiberglass and steel.

Pennsylvania is becoming a manufacturing powerhouse for the wind energy industry. Many of the skills Pennsylvania workers possess easily transfer to wind energy manufacturing, providing thousands of new jobs and spurring billions in investment. Many Pennsylvania companies have already begun supplying to the wind energy industry.

Pennsylvania has also attracted significant wind-specific investment. One of the global leaders in the manufacture of wind turbines, Gamesa, chose Pennsylvania as its American hub. Gamesa now employs several hundred workers in Pennsylvania in its manufacturing and sales division, including many USW workers. Gamesa invested over $175 million in facilities in Pennsylvania. Investment of this type at the top of the wind energy supply chain, by Gamesa and others, has spurred further investment throughout the supply chain.

Currently, there are 29 manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania.  Image above courtesy of AWEA.

[1] American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), Pennsylvania State Fact Sheet, 2011